Any Indianapolis investors?

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@Nick Cucci Indianapolis is an extremely popular investment market due to the affordable prices and cash flow it offers. To see just how popular, just look at how often Indy appears in the forums here on BP. You can do very well cash flow wise in Indy but you have to know the areas. Like most cities, it has its good areas and bad and it can vary neighborhood to neighborhood. You really need to work with someone that knows the areas and will look out for your interests. What I like most about Indianapolis is that it has the right balance of affordability coupled with a strong and diverse economy. There are lots of markets where you can get cheap homes but they don't have the economy that Indy has. The chart below will show that. I've been involved in the Indy market for several years and know it well. Feel free to reach out and I'll share my insights if you'd like.

@Nick Cucci welcome to BP!

I always encourage one to look at investment opportunities within a couple hours drive of your home first.

If that doesn't work - then yes, Indianapolis is an amazing market to invest in!

Like any remote investing - a great team on the ground is crucial, as mentioned above.

Feel free to call, email or PM me with any further questions.