Get my real estate license?

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I'm considering getting my real estate license. Where should I start? What does it cost and are their maintenance fees? Anyone in Colorado know of a good program? I am in Fort Collins about 1 hour north of Denver.

Hey @Jeremy Clarke !  I think the most important thing to consider when getting a real estate license, is what you intend to use it for.  I would say very different things if you were planning on working as a real estate agent, versus if you were using your real estate license to save on commission when selling/buying investment properties.  

@Matt Lefebvre . It would be a little bit of both. As I continue to acquire real estate it would be nice to save on the fees side. My thought is that through the network of people I know as well where I live that I might be able to make so deals to friends and make a little money on the side. Think it's worth it?

@Jeremy Clarke You can definitely take online course and they are self paced. I'm in the process at the moment of completing my courses. Career nights are a great way to network with current agents as well as get tons of info regarding the business. I just attended on last night at Keller Williams