Lis Pendens Consideration Amount??

2 Replies

As I check into new ways of finding my flips, I've been looking at the "Lis Pendens" list that gets published each day by my county. It states the plaintiff, defendant, attorneys, etc... and also often states the word: "Consideration" with a dollar amount...

Am I correct to assume "consideration" is how much is left owed on the mortgage?

Or is it the initial loan taken out by the homeowner years ago?

The consideration amounts vary widely and some are much higher than what the house is worth or last purchased for, so I can't make a determination if its the amount now owed or the initial loan taken out years ago.  Thank you for any help!

So after more research here, the "consideration" amount is the exact same as the initial mortgage amounts people took out 5, 10, 15 years ago. Hmm.... So is there any way to find out how much they currently owe?

If not, I'll just send my letters I suppose...

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