Looking for buy and hold in north east to central Ohio

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As the title says, looking for anyone with info on houses for sale in NE to central Ohio - Wooster, Massillon, Columbus, Dover, New Philadelphia, Millersburg, to name a few. Currently have 2 rentals, one in New Philadelphia, one in Massillon. Also, does anyone have any recommendations for property management? I have one of my houses with a property management, but am curious as to fees/commission/rent percentage that is normal to be paying them.


Jeff - a reputable PM in Wooster said they have a range of what they will charge. It all depends on how involved you'd like to be. But if they handle everything, you could be around 10% of gross rent. 

I'm not sure how common that is exactly, but hopefully that can give a base line?

Hi @Jeff Schlabach ....I'm happy to help you answer questions about buy and holds in Columbus and PM. We do both in my investment realty brokerage. I will say that 10% is high in Columbus; we charge between 6-10% with 10% being really for C properties in areas we don't like as much for various reasons. Feel free to give me a call or message me and we can talk. 


David Panzera