First time buyer. What is the best investment choice?

2 Replies

Getting married in March 2017. Instead of renting an apartment, or buying a dream home, we want to start off in the right direction with our first investment property. Any tips/advice? 

Congratulations, Christina! Smart move :) Don't shy away from ugly houses - buy for the neighborhood. Look for areas where you can see economic improvement. I look for new co-ops and organic grocery stores - I'm not organic or a foodie, to me that's a good sign of people with disposable income moving in to that area. Get the most units you can possibly afford out of an FHA loan if it's your first loan. In the right neighborhood, an ugly triplex is a vastly better investment than an adorable duplex, you and your new partner can put in a little elbow grease and build that sweat equity. Happy hunting!

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