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I am a newbie investor and am interested in the Atlanta market, preferably in B only neighborhoods with 10% plus cash returns. Are there any specific areas I can target? I will be visiting there in a few weeks and want to focus my search in those areas. 

Would also love to hear from agents who have experience working with out of state investors.



@Gaurav Bahal

Welcome. Atlanta is in the top 10 US markets for student housing see below.

Locate and attend 3 different local REIA club meetings great place to meet people gather resources and info. Here you will meet wholesalers who provide deals and rehabbers (cash buyers). Find them through Google and meetup.com Do this via phone till your visit.

Two Great reads, I bought both J. Scott The Book on Flipping Houses, The Book on Estimating ReHab Costs http://www.biggerpockets.com/flippingbook

You might consider Niche or Specialized Housing like student housing. Rents can be 2-4 times more. Remember you don't have to own a property to control it.

Download BP’s newest book here some good due diligence in Chapter 10. Real Estate Rewind Starting over


Good Luck


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