What Turnkey providers have you used?

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I'm considering putting some of the $ from this discussion into turnkey rental properties. I've spoken to a couple of BP members who have recommended 2 TK providers in different areas. 

I'm wanting to know if anyone else who has actually used a TK provider can give me a recommendation or let me know who to avoid. I'm not looking for providers to identify themselves, or for people that have a financial interest in referring me. Instead, I'd like to get some TK customers to tell me about their experiences.

Would love to hear from you!


@Eli Kallison there is a lot of discussion on BP about buying pigs in the midwest.

I think if I wanted to buy turn key, I would make sure the properties do not meet the description of a "pig"

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A 30k house that has never appraised for more than 30k, and will never appraise for more than 30k in 10,000 years :)

Originally posted by @Rachel H. :

Definitely connect with @Ali Boone . She's an expert in the area of turnkey properties and has written extensively about her experience on the BP blog.

Best of luck! 

 Thanks Rachel! Sent her a message. 

If anyone else knows anyone who's been using TK providers, please let me know.