First Property Viewing

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Typical items I look for in a multi's are;

Are the utilities split? (Electric, Gas, Water)

Heating source (Gas electric oil; furnace boiler heat pump electric baseboard etc...)

Cooling source (window units, a/c units, fans)

Age of roof and type of shingle

Water heaters (electric gas and age)

Windows and doors (metal, alumini, vinyl etc....)  are they double or single pane

Shut off valves on toilets and sinks

If occupied, speak with the tenants!  Ask them the following questions;

-What are some problems around the place that need to be fix?

-How much is your monthly rent?

-Do you pay utilities?

-Who takes care of the outside (i.e. snow removal and grass cutting)

The list can go on forever, but I hope this helps.

Good luck,