Email error cost me a deal!

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So I finally had a deal wrapped up and negotiated for about 62 cents on the dollar and was looking at a great roi...

I emailed the document through docusign and it didn't get received. I talked with the guy and said he could just go sign at the title company. In the next 48 hours he changed his mind and is now shopping for a better deal!

Hi @Reggie Maynard ,

Yup, really gotta watch that stuff.

For live deals, I type emails with the 'to' field blank, come back five minutes later, re-read it, and only at that point do I add the 'to' field and hit send.

When someone asks me in writing to share certain details about their creditworthiness with the listing agent to help get the offer accepted, you don't want me to accidentally boast that you have a 678 FICO when in reality you have a 778... caught that one double-checking just this morning!