Three lots in Howard county, Maryland

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I am in the very beginning stages of negotiating for three adjacent lots in Howard County, MD for a new construction development. There is a new construction neighborhood on one side and these three lots are prime spaces to put about 12 to 18 houses on. The problem is that I have no experience doing this I was hoping that someone could guide me on my options here.

I understand that I could buy the lot then wholesale them to a developer but I would really like to put some spec houses on them myself. However, I do not want to go in over my head. I currently have two rentals in Howard County and have never develop land so if someone could walk me through this process or even partner with me, I think this would make the most sense.

If there is someone in Howard County area that I could speak with about this, I would really appreciate it. Or if there is someone that can give me general advice on buying lots, doing a teardown, and putting spec houses on them, I would also appreciate that. Thank you BP community!

@Sandra Holt Good luck. I have property in Halethorpe, not too far from you. I'd be interested in hearing how your venture goes on the development end. I've looked in the area where I live to do the same thing but have no experience - just ideas and seeking a "how-to" to see if it's really feasible. Always thinking and trying to make it happen.... ;-) Great you are looking to expand into developing the land.

@Sandra Holt
Make sure you are fully aware of the impact fees associated with developing in Maryland. They can go up to about $75k per lot I believe. I am not familiar with Howard county but make sure you know what your getting into as it relates to fees and building requirements (sprinkler systems, energy code etc).

It would probably mean cutting him on the deal, but @J Scott has experience doing spec builds in Howard County.