National Council of Exchangors | Equity Exchanging

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Have you heard of National Council of Exchangors & Equity Exchanging ?

They are all about creative real estate deal structuring, using 1031s.

I have a small apartment I'm selling in Sherman Oaks CA worth $2.5m,
It was bought distressed, we repositioned it and now is stabilized.

I'll present it to a group of fellow equity exchangors
One of them would probably pay all cash,
Some of them would have 2 properties to trade
Maybe one of them has a fishing boat to trade
Or someone would offer $500k cash and a $2m worth of notes generating 10% or something,

And they'll usually have several "Legs" to their transaction.
I'm selling my $2.5m apartment to Person A ,
Person A is bringing in $500k Cash and another apartment in East Los Angeles 
However Person A's $500k is coming from a 1031, he waiting for escrow to close on another retail strip center he is selling for $3m to Person B. Person B has another 1031 from a property he just sold to Person C.

Along with NCE, there is a "Society of Exchange Counselors" (SEC) that is invitation only, and there are only a certain number of people can be in the group

There are many individual equity exchanging groups throughout the US.

Here is a video about their Quarterly Conferences held in Las Vegas:

I met a guy here in Wichita Tyler Nepote I believe may be a member of this group - was thinking by his FB posts he was at the Vegas event.  

I'm a member of NCE and attend a couple of their conferences yearly in Vegas.  I know Tyler and he usually brings some pretty attractive deals to the conference.  Definitely worth attending if you're looking for off-market Real Estate consisting of all product types, good seasoned paper and or equities to balance out an exchange or multi-leg transaction.