How to get rid of a dog urine odor ?? Help!!

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Is there a way to remove a dog odor from a home without replacing the carpet? I had the carpet cleaned , the bathroom tile replaced and the home painted but the dog smell will not go away. The carpet is in decent condition so I didn't want to replace for a rental property. Any suggestions??

Put a cat in there , soon you wont smell dog urine . 

Check the filter on the furnace , could be full of dog hair .  And you are smelling that .  

@Melanie Armstrong   No.  Well... I guess it depends on if it is worth the effort.

If you have a large amount of carpet you might want to try to replace only part of it.  Either with the same carpet or something else.  This is one reason why I suggest using the same carpet in every rental.  I pick something that will be available for a while.  

Is the urine all over or just in one place?  If it is very local try pulling up the carpet, priming the subfloor, replacing the pad and having the carpet put back down and cleaned.

I own 6 different properties and I have zero carpet , none ,nada .  All have wood floors . each stare with 3 coats of gloss poly . On a turn over if needed I will scuff the floors and give them another coat .  Basically bullett broof 

You'll need to replace the carpet and padding. Cleant he wook with 50% water 50% bleach. Let it dry, then paint the floor with Kilz and install new carpet and padding. DONE!