I am currently going through probate and i have obtained letters of administration with limited authority under the IAEA.....the estate of my mother only has one asset which it is only 1 home. The home has a reverse mortgage and the home is under water or over encumbered. According to reverse mortgage guidelines the heirs of the home have the first option to buy the home at a 95% appraised value...that is the only reason why i opened the probate...to have the opportunity to buy the home at a discount...the only issue is that since the judge granted limited authority now the home needs to go on a court's public auction where somebody else can outbid me...when the lender guidelines state that I have the first right to purchase the home....imy question is what can i do or file at court for the judge to reconsider granting me FULL authority so i do not have to go through a court auction? perhaps a motion or an appeal and if so does anybody have any legal arguments that would compel the judge to grant me Full authority under the IAEA?

I would really appreciate any feedback as i am trying to figure all of this out!!! thank you all in advance!