Seeking a Fort Wayne, Indiana, Realtor with an investor focus

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Is anyone, here in BP, a Realtor from Fort Wayne, Indiana, who truly has an investor focus - someone with significant experience? Or, does anyone here know of any such Realtor? I would like to find a local, buy-side, investor-focused Realtor to help me look at properties towards my real estate investing goals. Thank you.

Hey @Trent Sprague .  I'm an investor and Realtor in the Fort Wayne area.  I love looking at deals and crunching numbers to see if they could work.  Best part about working as an agent with other investors is they don't make emotional decisions like owner occupants.   I'm familiar with different investing strategies and quality of homes and types of tenants they will draw. If you are familiar with the BP calculators, that's how I do my own investments.  I've been pretty impressed with them.  Let me know if I can help.