Buying house from parents at half price, investing other half

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Hey BP community, my wife and I will be purchasing our newly remodeled home from her parents at less than half the appraised value. My plan is to still get a loan on the house at appraised value( 80%LTV), pay off her parents and use the rest to invest.

Any pointers on loan products that would LEGALLY allow this?


if you are buying from her parents, with a loan.... Just get a loan, and place them first trust deed with the county... easy peasy.  Have a lawyer do the sale.  cheap.

Then get a heloc on the house to invest.  OR refi later and do a cash out refi to 80% as was mentioned.  I doubt you will be able to do a purchase and keep the 30% in that first step...  Heloc is best though... you arent sitting on a bag of cash and paying interest on it for months on end looking for investment properties.

Thanks Carson! In order to get a HELOC I would need to have some equity in the house. And since they are only charging us 40,000, we can only get a loan for that much. And we would in turn have no equity in the home to borrow against.

Are you implying some type of gifted equity situation?

OK, so they are going to sell you the house for half of  its appraised value...?

Call value $100k?

sales price $50k  You have $50k in equity.  You could get a heloc for probably like $35....

Your original plan was to get a loan at 80% LTV, so 80k, and then use the rest. $30k My point is that your monthly payment is bigger, more interest, more everything for you to pay during your hunt for that rental to BRRR or whatever..