VA Appraisal came in- issues!

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Appraisal came in today, and I'm closing in 4 days! I know, they came in VERY LATE. So I'll have to delay my closing. AND on top of that, the VA Appraisal requires the sellers to fix a bunch of minor things- my question is, is the seller obligated to fix all of those issues? If he doesn't want to, can he break the contract and refuse to sell? What would be his repuccussions if he does? Just a thought because he's putting a lot of capital into a property he is selling and I doubt he's happy about it. Just wondering.

Typically, and this depends on your contract, the seller is not obligated to fix the items.  But if it is this close to closing, and they are minor items, typically a seller will to get the deal done.

Pay attention though to your financing contingency deadline. If you have run past that, your EMD could be at risk possibly if the seller opts to not complete the transaction.