Wanting to buy vacation rental in Ocean City, MD...HELP!

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My husband and I want to take the plunge and try our hand at real Estate. We want to buy a few hours away in Ocean City, Maryland, where we grew up vacationing. We want a Mobile Home on the bay but still a close walk to the beach because we want water front but cant afford Ocean front. I just don't know if OC is too saturated with rentals for the summer and we would not bring in positive cash flow to make money off the rental. Can anyone give me some indication? We are thinking of doing Air BnB to rent it out and I have looked at what's out there on Air BnB, HomeAway, FlipKey and other sites to see if similar homes are rented out yet for summer 2018 and it appears they are all still not rented out yet. Anyone know about how much we can expect to rent it out next summer or in general?  Thanks!!!

Hi Rebecca! I'm a realtor in Ocean City. They only bay front mobile homes would be in Montego Bay. I wouldn't think that you would have a problem renting in that location. Not sure what your price range is but obviously ocean block would rent more frequently for more $. 

Hey there.. oc is great for rentals (rent out all weeks or just rent out the ones your not using). Sounds like you want to be in the Montego Bay community (trailers but you own the land). Most properties in oc don't rent out this early for next year as the season is just ending now . The inquires start rolling in now but much better around Feb-March. its what you make of it and how much effort you want to put in. I have a few Oc rentals as well as sell real estate.