Home inspection on rentals

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Hello BP Team,

I am analyzing duplexes that I am interested in purchasing as rentals.  If you find a good number of properties that you think will be good rentals, is there a more cost-effective method of not paying for an inspection on each one?  Or if you have 5 properties that you would like to make an offer, paying for the inspection is part of the deal?  



Home inspector here. I offer a walk an talk service for just what you are looking for. No report, we go through together and I point out the big issues if any. Now, your just a little out of my service area, but I could try to help you find one where you are located that provides the same type of service.

Appreciate it Scott.  I am looking at in the Killeen, TX area.  If you do have a contact in that area, I'd be happy to discuss enlisting their services.  thank you!