Should my lender pay?

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Recently closed on a property for myself in Charlotte. My lender Capital One did not know that an HOA questionnaire was required until 4 days before closing. They had to move closing back therefore I️ had to pay to change my plane ticket for closing. Should the lender pay this fee since the error was not on my end or the sellers? Thanks very much guys!

I have serious doubts, especially with big banks, they don't like to take any money out of their pockets. However, that shouldn't stop you from giving it a good college try. It all depends on what incentive they have to make you happy and keep you as a customer. So, personally, I would call them and give them a good argument, and don't just speak to the bottom guy, ask for the supervisor of the supervisor.

How much we talking? Sounds super petty to me unless it was a charter. If you spend those hours reading instead of on the phone with customer service you would make you more than the $186 change fee. Just saying. And the likelihood of them paying is about zero.