I was talking with some friends and we started swapping stories. What's your worst? I'll go first. 

We had a GC on a duplex we were working on. I got a call from the neighbor that their was an ambulance on my job site. I called my contractor and he told me that one of the subs was putting in a nail and missed hitting him in the head with a hammer by mistake. Come to find out the GC used a 4 letter word I won't mention here when referencing his sub. The sub (a recently retired Army Ranger) stuck the hammer claw side into the Gc's skull. Resulted in a ton of stitches and luckily for him no brain damage. 

We ended up having to have local LEO's remove the GC from the job site and had an order of protection served barring him from any of our projects. 

He came highly recommended locally. 

What's your war story?