Crack in the Wall, Will you buy to rehab or not?

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Hi,  I have a fairly solid deal of a property, but on investigation found that upstairs wall has a crack like this.  What could be the cost of such a repair and if everything else in the house seems OK,  would you go for it OR not? 

Pic - source /credit -- Cold well Bankers  website !

Not a property in CA, but in mid-west!

That crack looks fairly wide.  The crack itself would only cost a 100 dollars to patch up to look good but I would be concern about why it cracked.  

I would want to search the whole house for more cracks.  Check the foundation for damage, see if the floors are level, check the roof for it dipping or anything else that suggest structural damage.  

I would be all over that foundation and checking the structural integrity of that property. a crack like that had to have been caused by large amounts of stress in a place where there shouldn't me much stress.

Hello,  Thanks folks. That helps to decide.  Will see if I have to get a contractor to go in and further check the basement.