I am constantly looking through craigslist ads, contacting realtors I know have pocket listings, picking up the local paper, and telling anyone who will listen that I buy properties.

Thats what I do, almost every day. I used to not understand people who didn't put in the work to gain success...but then I watched people pan for gold. Spending hours in a river swirling around a little metal pan just for a chance at a bit of success. Then I saw how other people see what I do, although my house is a lot bigger than most of the panners I have met.

Its a lot of problems to solve in this business, A LOT. From listing agents not returning calls or emails, to title companies taking FOREVER to get clear title...and thats just trying to buy. Thats not even all of that part either. 

Bottom line is that there is a map, a pathway you must walk on every deal. Follow it to its very end, to see if you can find that nugget that will make all the soggy fingers worth it.