Are big investors unloading properties because: “Congress and was

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I am out house hunting with my partner he is wanting to add to his portfolio. I seem to be seeing houses owned by investors for sale. Trying to figure out is this normal churn or big portfolios unloading properties because of the  new tax laws?

@Billy Smith it is possible there are some folks unloading because of the tax law, but my feeling is that is not a big driver. I think a lot of folks are just taking advantage of the massive appreciation that has happened. People are cutting the fat, cutting their more challenging properties or deleveraging a bit while they have had a lot of growth in value. I am personally offloading a couple more properties that have just had insane increases in value so I can reduce my leverage in my portfolio. 

 The house we set up to look at "A" type  was sold in 2 days.That would be house number 2 that has been sold quick.

I think the market going up, people  feeling good about the future,  is going  to spur more buying.

If this is what is going on now what will spring ,summer time be like ?