Purchasing a duplex with an fha loan

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Help i need advice.. i am wanting to purchase a duplex in Ga with an fha loan and I'm planning to live in the property for at least a year.. sellers rather go for the cash offers and don't want to do any repairs that fha requires.. any suggestions?

@Veronica Del Rio I am sorry to hear you are running into this issue. I represent sellers regularly who are trying to house hack in the Berwyn and Forest Park here in the Chicago burbs. One of the big challenges all new investor face is that the very best deals always go to those with cash. You could definitely try to use an FHA 203k loan in the case you are talking about, but they take a long time to put together. Some sellers would rather just move the property.

Reduce your spending and /or increase your income and save up a down payment so that you can be approved for a conventional mortgage. You will not be able to beat out cash buyers but you will not be requiring sellers to make repairs for FHA loan approval. Otherwise you will have to look at other markets outside of your target area which are less in demand.