Residential Development Near Industrial Help

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Hi, I'm having some second thoughts on a vacant piece of property that I just put under contract. The land is zoned for single family homes and is already split in parcels. It looks like a great deal at 108k for 18 acres near town in Kansas city. It is a total if 48 parcels that are .3 acres each. So in my due diligence I discovered that the closed public golf course on the south side is being zoned industrial. The property sits right against that golf course. So while I thought that would be a plus for this community it now looks like a big negative. I'm about to pay 1300 for a feasibility study to be conducted on the property. However, I don't want to waste my money if that industrial zoning information makes this a bad deal. I have a out clause on my contract so I can walk away without losing my deposit. Thoughts??

It's in the city limits of Belton on the boarder of Grandview.  It's just south of 155th off of 71 hwy.  They just improved that off ramp and the property can be accessed from 155th.  However, the golf course on the south side is being rezoned industrial.  Right now there is a concrete plant right off of 71.  So I'd don' know what kind of industrial would be going in. Im very close to jumping out of the contract.