Question on sensitive sellers and attorney review

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Hello all.  We are in attorney review on (what would be) our 2nd MFH.  Shortly after submitting our offer, I learned from the listing agent that the sellers had an unexpected death in the family - not one of the sellers.  It was a very sad tragedy and I want to be sensitive to their loss throughout the process.  I also can't help but be excited about the property.  Our offer was accepted a few days later so it seems they are still ready to sell, but they took it off the market even before accepting the offer.. possibly due to added stress.

When our attorney reviewed the purchase agreement, they came back with 34 amendments for us to review before sending it back to the seller. Many of them don't really apply (ex: amendment on solar panels but no panels on the property).  Others are most likely going to cause delays (ex: seller states no asbestos or lead paint... it's 100 year old property and we are planning heavy reno anyway).  I know the attorneys are trying to protect us, but my concern is that sending 34 changes could overwhelm the sellers and they might just walk away.

Remove irrelevant amendments and things we can live without?  Send all the changes and assume the attorneys will help the seller work through it?  Am I overthinking this?  Our first purchase was bank owned so it was less of a factor.  

Any insight/experience is greatly appreciated!

You are over thinking. Their attorney will manage your counter offer. Do not let their personal situation concern you or impact your thinking. Their loss is not a factor. Their lawyer knows th esituation and will manage them accordingly.

Business as usual.