End of flip curve ball

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Hi all, looking for a little wisdom. I'm in the middle of a flip due to be done with construction in a little over a week. Just had a some pitting checked out that I found in the steel galvanized water piping under the house. The plumber recommends a full replacement of all the Plumbing underneath the house. I am already way over budget and the bid number could eat all if not most of my profit at this point. Should I, A) just put a patch on the leaking pit and let the next home owner have some work to do in the next few years or, B) do I need to replace the whole under carriage of the homes plumbing? I don't like cutting corners and want to deliver a solid home as we all do but it is an old home, my inspector missed the pit and the plumber I am currently working with initially missed the pit too, when I pointed it out he found out that the whole plumbing system was toward the end of its life. 

Has anyone had experience here? My initial thought is to fix the pit with a patch and wrap the plumbing in foam insulation, is there anything unethical about that? The plumbing could still make it years for all I know. 

Thanks in advance for any replies. 

with fix and flip you let buyer do home inspection.. and call what repairs they want.

although you do need to do a sellers disclosure so technically if you think its a major item it should be disclosed.. but if its in a hot enough area of PDX then you can sell as is.. but make your disclosure so you don't have trouble after the fact.

Portland right now is a very tough market to flip in.. wholesale prices are so competitive one little bump in the road and your profit gets eaten up..

good luck

is it basement or crawlspace? Why not just replace the one pipe? I have a really good plumber out of Salem that plumbed my entire house in lents that might be more competitive... 

@Jay Hinrichs , Thank you for commenting, I have enjoyed reading your threads on PB and have listened to your PB episode as well. I am a little bit of a fan. 

The area is in Lents but I am concerned about pricing it anymore aggressively than I originally planned as the house is located on a gravel road, its also a little ahead of the gentrified area of Lents, its off 104th. I think it could go either way if I list it as an "as is" property but was really trying to make it qualify for an FHA loan.

@Steven Denio So I’ll just ask the obvious question: How many plumbers have you had evaluate this issue?

@Gene Murashko The house is located in Lents too and the plumbing is located in the crawlspace. I feel like if I try and replace the pipe I risk opening up more issues, that is why I was just going to clamp it with a sealant. My plumber found multiple areas that are corroding once he took a close look so just fixing the one pipe which was my original plan doesn't seem to pencil at this point. The house is old, I feel like opening up anything will send me down a rabbit hole. It seems like patching it so it will last the rest of the length of its life or fully replacing it are my best options.  

I would love to have your plumber take a look but time is a constraint. I would like to give him a call if you are willing to send me his info via IM? 

Thanks for taking the time to comment. 

@Andrew Johnson funny you ask. Just one, but a few plumbers have bid out the project prior to me finding the issue. This plumber has been in the house already, knows the terrain and gave the best original bid. 

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