Great stuff! THAT'S WHY I LOVE, TEXAS!..

By Korri Kezar – Digital editor, Dallas Business Journal

May 7, 2018, 6:38am

An expanding population, pro-business environment and growing number of headquarters are luring investors to put their money in North Texas real estate.

In a survey conducted by CBRE (NYSE: CBRE), Dallas-Fort Worth ranked second in the Americas for real estate investor interest, attracting foreign and domestic investors. Canadian investors are particularly interested in the area, funneling $326.2 million into North Texas over the past 12 months.

Job growth and economic diversity were cited in the report as driving interest, though 49 percent of respondents reported “strong economic basics driving rental growth value” as the primary reason they’re putting their money in the region.

“DFW is a dynamic region where no one industry dominates and growth projections are generally higher than other large U.S. metros,” said Robert Kramp, director of research and analysis for CBRE’s Texas-Oklahoma division. “And because of Texas’ diverse economy, we are much more insulated against unforeseen macroeconomic events which might cause stronger economic headwinds in other areas of the country.”