Could someone be living there?

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I went by to look at one of my absentee owner leads on my list of homes to make offers on. The records show the owner of the house lives out of state. When I travel by to see the house in person, it had curtains up as if someone lives there. I didn't see a car in the driveway, so I was thinking maybe the house is vacant or someone lives there but was not there at that moment when I went to take a look. Does curtains in the window always mean someone could be living there? I can usually tell if the house is vacant if the grass is over grown and newspaper and mail has piled up.

@Tony Marcelle Absentee owners don't occupy their properties, but tenants or in some cases relatives might. Don't let finding someone at the property stop you from reaching out to the owner, you can still get the property under contract even if its occupied.