I recently had the opportunity to sell a lot for a good amount of money.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this money, so of course, I started reading on Bigger Pockets to gain some insight.  Dave Foster was very professional introducing me to people that could help me  with my real estate questions.  He handles 1031 exchanges which I had already contacted and spoke to someone in Miami.  He never once tried to get me to switch to his services.  However, I did like that he was local to the Tampa Bay area so I did approach him in regards to helping us.  I just want to say he is wonderful to do business with!  I asked so many questions, and many probably asked 3 times or more, and he always responded quickly by email, text, or phone.  I can't say enough as to how easy it was to do the 1031 exchange with him.  If you are ever in need of someone, I highly recommend Dave Foster!  Thank you Dave!