New apartment complex build

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How does the investment structure to outside investors in a multifamily new build look? I already have the land. This is the first step I've took . Could be 6-20 units. I'm thinking monthly payments then refi out ? Anybody with experience?

@Robert Halpin You're going to want to seek advice from an attorney on this one. Specifically a securities attorney. Jillian Sidoti and Amy Wan are both excellent attorneys that often give advice on podcasts. I know they are both on here, I tried to tag them but it's not working, I may not be connected with them like I thought I was. Anyway, I recommend speaking with one of them or someone else in the field.

sorry I'm a terrible writer. I would be able to rise the funds from my inner circle . I never heard or it discussed on the payback terms or what's the industry standard ....