Buying Vacation Rental in Orlando

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I’m new to the site as well as the investment business. For awhile I’ve had interest in Real Estate, mainly flipping. I just let my fear take over and stop me from proceeding. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m ready to actually start making moves. My first move I want to make is purchasing a vacation rental property in Orlando. I took my family to Orlando in the winter and we rented a house. The experience was great and I saw the family that owned the home was very similar to my own family. Just an average, normal family that was actually willing to jump out there and make a move. I then got more information about pricing and realized it was something actually doable for me. I really wanted to get some thoughts and opinions on what’s best moving forward with acquiring a property. Any and all information is welcomed. Best financing options and best way to go about getting it, thoughts on management companies managing it, anything you think might be beneficial for me to know.