Buying a proprety with "good tennants" deal or no deal.

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Hello BP I found a property that I really like but it kinda worries me that it comes with so called "good tenants". The listing says that they would like to stay but as the new owner can i say bye bye and screen new tenants. or do the existing tenants have to stay.

So they can stay if you screen them and they meet your qualifications and sign your lease agreement.
It’s your property when you buy, it’s your choice.

Time to sit down and learn all your state landlord tenant regulations. You are required to know the laws that govern your business.

What you can do depends on their existing lease. If they are on a term lease there is nothing you can do until it is up.

When you buy a rental the tenants come with the lease.

This will likely come down to their current lease terms.  You may have to keep them until lease expires.