Need feedback for blog - 1031 Tax Exchanges

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Hello All - 

My team is working on a blog discussing 1031 Exchanges. I know this topic has been discussed within the community, but I would love some feedback from Investors, Tax Advisors, Lawyers, etc., who would be willing to let me quote them in the article. 

I would love to hear from both sides, those who have used the method and those who may not see the benefit in it. 

Any tips, advice, or common mistakes you've seen? 

Thanks in advance!

@Jeremy Tallman we love the 1031 at Spartan! It's still one of the most powerful tools available to investors and is surprisingly flexible once you know the rules and how to use them in your specific situation. Especially for people that have highly appreciated real estate, the 1031 is still the most tax efficient way to leapfrog that value into an entire portfolio of cash flowing properties.

I'm not a CPA or a QI (though there are some great ones here on BP), but we're big believers in (and users of) the process. If you need a quote from someone in the Turnkey industry about how the 1031 helps people build their passive income portfolio, feel free to reach out any time.