Need Contractor in Indianapolis!

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Hello BP Fam!

Quick and simple intro. I am an out of state investor that just put a house under contract through a wholesaler. They assure me that the property needs very minor fixes ($10K) to bring the ARV to 120. My purchase price is $80K. I am looking to find a credible contractor that could do a walk through to see how much work this place would really need. Hope this awesome community can help refer someone.

Two houses down, the house looks really nice inside, but is about 300 sq. ft smaller and sold last year for $120K. Just need to know what needs to be done in this property to sell for that or more. Thanks in advance!


Christina, I have a good amount of contacts in Indy.

Shoot me a PM and I'd be happy to help with anything you need.

Hi @Christina Kim - did you go through with this purchase? How did it go?

Also, did you use bildwise to do the scope and renovations? I'm looking for people who have used them as I'm interested in doing very similar deals. Thanks!