Investor Friendly Title Company

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What do you mean by that? Are there title companies unfriendly to investors? I always assumed the work of a title company is very straight forward and wouldn't differ from owner occupied to investor. I'm curious to know if there is a piece to a RE transaction that I incorrectly made assumptions about and should be made aware! thanks!

Set up meetings with a few Title Companies nearby and explain what you plan to do and see if they get it. An owner of a title company I use has rentals himself and understands the workings of real estate investment.

Hello I have closed a couple wholesale deals with Mount Morris Title. Only catch is they want the property owner to know the whole deal. I told them to tell the owner of a property the fee on the HUD is what the buyer pays me to find the house. That way they don't think the equity is coming from their property.

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Yes, some title companies don’t like to work with investors as far as wholesale deals. Double closings Etc.

 Lol, that's because half of that junk hovers around fraudulent and criminal activity. C'mon you are a Realtor, you should know better.

double closings are not legal in Ohio, so I do not know of any title companies that will do them. 

By definition...

Party A is selling to party B

Party B is selling to party C

Party C is bringing funds to the title company.

Party B is using those funds to pay Party A. 

You will want to use Transnational funding for those deals. It is easy and can be cheap. 

with that said, yes there is DEFINITELY a difference between title companies. I have a few I work with that are really cool. I do not want to post them on here because it may look like a promotion. If you want to message me, I will be happy to share some names and numbers. 

Hope that helps