Property Management Companies

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My question has to do with PMCs and how much of a cut they get on rental properties - specifically SFR.

If it matters, I am a newbie; I haven't even acquired property to invest in yet, and I live in California. Given California's ever-increasing property values and my current liquidity, I don't know that I will be able to kick off my investing activity here. Perhaps I am wrong on that. I was thinking I would likely get started somewhere out of state, where markets are more flexible and acquisition more commensurate with my current liquidity. The liquidity is also the reason I am aiming for SFRs at the moment, because I don't know that I can necessarily get a multi to start with. Again, I could be wrong on that.  

Whatever property I get at first, I likely wont rent out and hence wont use a PMC; I will likely just flip it. 

***I have a target in mind for how much rental cash flows I would *like* to generate should I get into a rental scenario.*** 

Anyhoo, thank you for reading and I apologize for my post being so erratic. 

Just know that flipping out of state is a difficult thing to do, if not impossible.