Zoned B Commercial Property... Rent out to normal tenants?

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Hi BP!

I've found a property that is... interesting... but feels like it could have real potential for value-add.

It's about a half acre with the 2 following buildings:

   1. Duplex

   2. Office Building (about 2k sqr ft)

Ideally I'd like to rent out the duplex like a normal Duplex, then figure out how to rent out the office building (this would be very new to me). Maybe I could convert the office building to a 2 bedroom??

Here's the concern. It's listed as "Zoned B". I've Googled "Zoned B"  and found that it means it's designated as a Commercial Property for business use. Given this designation, does it make it illegal to rent the Duplex to normal tenants?  I assume it's illegal for me to convert the office to a normal rental?

Also, can anyone confirm what Zone B means, or where/how I can find more info on it? 

Thanks as always! 

- Tom

@Tom Lipps Definitely don't rent it as a duplex if its zoned commercial. I'm not familiar with OH laws, but you'd want to work with the county or city zoning commission to discuss the process for re-zoning. They'll be able to give you more details on what is classified as Zone B as well. It would have to be re-zoned before you could start converting it to residential.