Reasonable population-figure of the "deal-searching-area"

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Dear BiggerPocket-Members,

what is a reasonable area-size (expressed in a population-figure) in order to find motivated sellers on a regular basis?

I draw a 60 miles radius and identified my price range areas. However I have to narrow it down in order to focus and improve my marketing activities.

Have a pleasant remaining sunday.

The distance is dependent on your tolerance for how far you want to go. As you said, you need to focus in to the geographic areas that will enable you to execute your game plan profitably, whether it's a flip, wholesale, BRRRR Etc. Some areas you just might want to avoid.

You should work with a list broker to create targets that aren't too broad or to narrowly focused. A good broker will be able to run reports by zip code so you can see how many meet your criteria for the various targets (absentee, seniors, low financial stability etc)

What is the center of your radius?

Thanks a lot, Chrissy. Actually it's Frankfurt/ Germany.

I'm looking for a certain population-figure. In an area with 2000 people the number of leads should be rather low. A 20 million-city would exceed my marketing budget;)