Vacation/short term rental in Disney [Orlando area]?

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Hello BP! My wife and I are interested in purchasing a home to use as a vacation home and a short term rental property when not in use. What neighborhoods should we consider? Any property management/short term rental recommendations? Thanks in advance!

Depends on what your goals are for you investment. Are you looking for more of a ROI or are your personal tastes more important? There are so many communities here in Orlando, but here are a few to start:

1.  Windsor Hills is the closest to Disney and is well known.  They are currently expending their amenities.  If considering this community, have reserves set aside.  Most of these homes need updating.

2.  Champions Gate is a little further from Disney, but has a great clubhouse.  

3.  Margaritaville is currently being built.  They have a completion date of December 2018.  I can not predict how these will do, but the location and amenities should make it perform well.  Currently they have completely sold out of phase 1& 2 and are offering phase 3.

4.  Indian Creek, this community does not offer many amenities and the properties are definitely dated.  Plan to have reserves because these properties need updating to make it attractive to renters.

5.  Solterra

6.  Paradise Palms

Management companies:

Chris Molineux at Prestige Florida Villa, husband and wife team.  They do a lot of properties in Windsor Hills.

Yann at Horizon Property Management.  Yann does a lot at Champions Gate.

To answer your questions this is primarily a vacation home that we’d like to use rental income to offset the cost. ROI is not the primary motivating factor.

Do you have any more information for homes in the Champions Gate area?