My clients fired me, do they get to re-use the real estate photos

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Hi there, I know this is a silly question, but I have never been fired before.

Here is some back-story. The listing was for a house worth 720k. It has only been on the market for 30days, but the sellers were overzealous and decided to go put down a very LARGE deposit on a "to-be-built" house. Thus, making them anxious to sell this one. I told them that they should lower the price of the home, but they refused. For reference, I have already done all I can in terms of marketing. I have hosted an open house every week for the entire month it was on the market. The house is the MOST-viewed house in the area by DOUBLE. They told me today that they were going to use a different realtor, which is fine, but then they asked if they could re-use the photos that I paid for.

I guess my question is, who owns the photos?