The Art of Flipping- Who knows the secrets?

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I am building up my saving accounts to begin to do my first buy and flip. I am a wholesaler so I am familiar with the industry, but am nervous to begin this journey by myself, with no construction background. Since I have no construction background, is there really money in this without doing my own construction? How do I identify a contractor as a solid guy without knowing anything about it? HELP ME!!! 

Hey @Matthew Minner - I'm not a wholesaler myself...but I know plenty who wholesale successfully without a formal background in construction. My advice would be to make strong, trusted connections with other RE professionals who are either in construction themselves, or have a solid background in it. Not necessarily so you can even use them as contractors....but so that they can help you eventually choose who should be doing your work. Surround yourself with people who provide sound input and you'll feel much more confident in your decisions!

Are you plugged in to your local REIA or other RE networking group?