Hey Y'all My name is Shawn, I was just wondering if there are any real estate investors around the Dallas area that would mind me networking with them on a more than just keyboard level. I have had several investors with 7 figure portfolios tell me its very important to have an in person mentor. Just letting me tag along if you are going to see properties or analysing them would be more than enough. Some info about me is I am 20 years old, and just bought my first property (which I plan to live in for a few years) with around 40,000 down. It was very difficult for me to get those kind of funds being only 20 and its kind of discouraging me on the future looks in terms of it would take forever to save up 20 % down for each house, since you can only do 3-5 % down on your primary residence (I THINK i dont know thats why I would love advice, any advice or creating a relationship would be awesome thank you.