Financial Partner or Hard money loan?

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Hi I have been looking into flipping for about 3 years now... have done my homework and want to go full force and get a deal under my belt.  I fully plan on doing all the marketing/analyzing properties to get the first deal.

So... If I have a good deal using BP calculator or house flipper spreadsheet is it likely someone would go in with me as a cash partner? 

 I would of course put up my own money too.  I could put in like $10-15k.  

My only other option would be to do a hard money loan, right?

Has anyone done their first deal with a Hard money loan?

These are my thoughts... appreciate some feedback, thank you! 

Plenty of people do their first deal with a HML.

Just remember they charge points plus interest.

Typically in the 1-3 point and 10-12% interest range.

You also will need at minimum 10% down.

Some will also require you to have rehab funds which they reimburse.

You only have $10-15k cash to put into the deal.

That doesn't give you much leverage for acquisition plus rehab.

It sounds like a private money partner would be best for you.