How to protect property from a partner in a shaky relationship

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Hi BP'ers,

I have a buy-and-hold property that i would like to include a partner in the deal.  He is married with children and conveyed to me that the relationship has been rocky recently.  His concern with going in on a deal would be the pain it would cause me and/or the property in the event he goes through a divorce.  His plan was for me to have a contingency plan to buy him out if his marriage goes sour.  But if I had that money, i wouldn't need a partner!

 What creative ways are there to protect me, the property, and my partner?

Thank you Caleb and I  agree that is the simplest and safest but not that creative!

Perhaps there is a way through layers and structuring of LLC entities that can provide protection?

If they split it would all be up for grabs, unless you did something very off-the-books. Maybe some land trust that he’s part beneficiary of but I would not want to be that trustee when the lawyers start digging.