Hi everyone,

I am looking to see if anyone has ever ran into what I currently am. I just graduated college, started working, and looking to get into real estate. I've recently put an offer on one side of a townhome that has 2 units (with 2 different owners). For this purpose ill refer to them as unit 1 and unit 2. My initial plan was to buy unit 1 that's currently for sale, and rent it out after doing some renovations. I was thinking, it would be awesome if a couple years went by and unit 2 went on the market, so i could buy it and own the entire 2 unit townhome. 

As of now, I have submitted my offer on unit 1 and have not heard back yet. I actively check realtor sites and noticed today, that the unit 2 was just listed on the market as well. Does anyone know if it would even be possible as a first time home buyer to get a 2nd mortgage, so that I could buy both sides? It wouldn't be a problem for me if the home was sold as one property, because I have already been approved for a loan more than the amount of the sum of the 2 unit's listing price.