Real Estate Transactions without Using Agents

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Hey BP, I've used a RE agent for every real estate transaction I've had but I've been seeing a lot more for sale by owner properties on the market. For those that didn't have an agent involved in your real estate deal, how did you handle the transaction? Did you use a transaction processor or escrow agent to guide you through the process? Did your escrow go smoothly? Thanks in advance for your responses.

@KJ L. I have a bunch of buyers that send me For sale by owner listings they are interested in and have me do the due diligence. I usually contact the seller directly and simply ask them if they would cooperate with me and my buyer. 75% of the time they say yes and the 25% of the ones that say no are probably overpriced anyway. I would just contact your realtor and have him or her work the deal. It would be best if they lower the commission though to show the seller they want to cooperate and get the deal done. If you don't have a realtor then yes you might need a title company to walk you through the steps but in this case they might charge double for this service.. Hope this helps!

It has been my experience that FSBO is generally overpriced and hiding something; always something weird going on. I don't spend any time on them anymore. Plus there is more and more fraud going on in RE.

Thanks for the responses! So if there is not an agent involved, I guess title, escrow, or legal (depending on the state and their RE laws) can help guide the transaction process.