Getting a loan for subject to investing

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Would taking out a loan in order to finance monthly Sub-To payments be a good idea? My way of thinking was I get the house under contract, take out the loan to make the mortgage payments, and then on the resell of property ideally I'd want a large enough profit to where I can repay my loan and still make a profit. 

@Sean Dean If it is a great deal and this is your only option, sure. I don't love it, would recommend to make sure you won't be putting yourself in a bad position. But, this is getting creative, and if this is what you have to do, and make money in the end, then it's all worth the risk. 

No. If the property income won’t make the payments then it makes no sense. If this is your home and you can’t make the monthly payment then you can’t afford it. Trip up and cause the due on sale clause to be triggered, then you And the seller are in trouble.