Bank owned property

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we found a lake house that we are going to write an offer on. It will primarily be used as a personal vacation home, but will also rent it some throughout the year. 

It is a bank owned property and we have been told the bottom dollar they will accept. It is a very fair price, but obviously we would like to get as much as possible on the deal. Are there any things we could ask for in the offer (that a bank might accept) to sweeten the deal?

Banks don't care about sweetening the deal - it's all about numbers to them.  Sometimes they have a loss budget for a property, and sometimes the loss budget is for a quarter, or for an entire portfolio, or a mix of some or all of the above.  

I guess my point is if you know their bottom dollar chances are everybody else does too, and if it really is a desirable property at a fair price, if you don't pay that bottom dollar price somebody else is going to.  So if you really want it, make them an offer.