Best places in the country to invest in small multifamily units?

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I live in Western Massachusetts which is a pretty tight market. I am looking to relocate to somewhere that has a better market for cheaper small multifamily units and warmer climate. I am not a fan of New England winters. Where are some of the best markets to get started in buying small multifamily rentals for a newbie? I am looking to do the BRRRR method and occupy one of the units I buy to househack my first unit.

Search some city data websites --- find a place where population is on the rise... find a place you could see yourself in... go on vacation to that place (at least 2 weeks)  talk to agents, talk to locals.   Buy a house... hack it... get a job... maybe switch those 2... no shame in renting for a bit... 

If you are looking for better weather, not sure the mid west is the best choice. I live in Columbus, Ohio for a year and it was just as cold as New England. Definitely had good investment options though when it came to real estate.